Electronic Payment Transaction Flow

  1. Understanding a high-level view of the Internet credit card transaction is necessary for all departments wishing to conduct e-Business.
  2. Consumer browses through the IU merchant’s offerings and decides to complete a purchase.
  3. Consumer completes necessary personal information on IU merchant’s page and indicates that they would like to pay by credit card.
  4. Consumer is directed to the Office of the Treasurer standard institutional credit card processing form.
  5. Credit card information is entered and the form is submitted to VeriSign via the IU Internet Payment Authorization System PayFlow (IPAS-PF) secure server. Each transaction is issued a unique order ID by IU as well as a unique transaction ID by VeriSign. All form data is processed using the University-supplied program ipasagent.cgi.
  6. VeriSign authorizes the transaction through the bank network.
  7. The bank networks response is submitted back to the IPAS-PF secure server where it is immediately forwarded to the merchant’s website and reflected in the consumer’s browser.
  8. Once daily, all approved credit card transactions are batched together by VeriSign and submitted to the bank network for settlement.
  9. The bank network processes all of the transactions and reports them to our processing bank.
  10. Our processing bank creates a file of all of IU’s transactions and transmits it to an IU server.
  11. The total for each merchant is posted to the University General Ledger account designated on the Departmental Request to Process Internet Payments. The individual transactions are sent to the decision support environment (FDRS). (See Accounting for Transactions for more details.)

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