Physical Inventory Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I scanned a piece of equipment when I performed my organization's inventory, however it is
      listed on my reconciliation report why?
  • Errors that have not been resolved on the Bar-code Error Document will appear on the Asset Inventory Reconciliation report.
  • The tag was not properly scanned into the trakker unit.

Q: I found a piece of equipment without a capital asset tag. Should I be concerned about this?

  • If you think the value of the item is $5,000 or more, note the room number, building location, serial number, and item description. You would need to give this information along with the equipment acquisition document number (usually a purchase order) to your campus capital asset office. If the value of the item is less than $5,000 no action is necessary.

Q: Why doesn't the Barcode Inventory program on the Trakker prompt me to enter an
      organization code?

  • The Barcode Inventory and Tagging systems were designed to accommodate all the IU campuses, both large and small. Many organizations, like University Computing Services, buys equipment that resides in other departments; however, possession of equipment is not the same as ownership. Some organizations do turn over ownership to the organization that uses or maintains the equipment; however this is not always true and neither the inventory process, nor the Capital Asset office can assign ownership just by the location of an asset. It is always an organization's responsibility to give, sell, or keep assets as they see fit. The inventory recorded by the Trakker will only let the Capital Asset office know that the item was located by inventory.

Q: I forgot to change room numbers, and I have already scanned assets in the new location. What
      do I do?

  • Change the room number and rescan the assets in that room.

Q: What do I do if I’m having difficulty scanning a bar code.

  • If the IU Tag is torn, curled, or unreachable the tag number should be replaced. When replacing a tag be sure to remove the old tag, it is very important that capital assets only have one official university tag number.
  • Try scanning the tag at a 45 degree angle.
  • For Intermec devices be sure the scanning gun is correctly connected to the Trakker.
  • For the Motorola devices try moving scanning device about 6-10 inches away from the equipment.

Q: I think I scanned an asset twice. How do I correct this?

  • The Trakker will simply update the last entry of that tag number. No action is required.

Q: I found an asset that has a black IU label over the bar code area. Should I manually key in the tag

  • No. A black label over the bar code area means that piece of equipment is no longer considered a capital asset. It will not appear on your inventory.

Q: I scanned a piece of equipment that we use, but it doesn’t really belong to our organization. Does
      this mean that we are now responsible for the asset? Will it show up on our inventory?

  • When you scan an asset, you are only verifying the location of the asset at the time of inventory. The asset will show on the inventory of the organization that owns the asset.

Q: How do I run the Reconciliation Report? How do I set the date correctly on the report to reflect
      my inventory?

  • Suppose you began scanning items in your organization on February 1, 1996 and scanned items every day until February 5. When you run a Reconciliation Report on the web, set the date to 2/1/96. You're asking the database to show you a list of all items that belong to your organization or campus that have not been inventoried since 2/1/96.

Q: I made a mistake while manually keying in a tag number. How do I correct this?

  • When performing a physical inventory the standard is that assets should be scanned, and not manually keyed into the scanning device. If you are unable to scanning the tag it should be replaced.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to correct a manually keyed tag number once you have pressed the <ENTER> key. It is always a good idea to double check the tag number you have manually entered in the Trakker against the tag number on the asset before pressing the <ENTER> key. On the Intermec Scanning Devices if you find an error before you press the <ENTER> key, use the "bksp" button, located above the <ENTER> button to delete the incorrect information. For both the Inermec and Motorloa devices if the error is discovered after the <ENTER> key has been pressed, you will need to continue inputting the inventory information through the asset condition . This will bring you back to the screen where the tag can be scanned or re-keyed.

Intermec Scanning Devices

Q: I tried to change the room number by entering an "r," but the Trakker gave me the error code of
      "Invalid Tag or CMD." What’s wrong?

  • The "r" you entered is case sensitive. Push the "Caps" button and reenter the "R."

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