MaryFrances McCourt - TreasurerThe Office of the Treasurer is focused on the management, investment and financing of the University’s balance sheet with the goal of delivering financial flexibility characterized by strong governance. We seek to:
  • Manage the cash flows in and out of the university in the most efficient and secure environment
  • Invest and protect the university’s financial assets to meet its liquidity needs while optimizing returns within appropriate risk parameters
  • Optimize financing structures for both long and short term capital needs with an emphasis on maintaining credit strength and a low cost of capital
  • Provide counsel, standardized processes and oversight to the management of the University’s varied business models
  • Manage the University’s risk within an environment characterized by a pro-active approach toward safety, loss prevention and control, while striving for efficiency in our insurance coverage, claim processing and costs
  • Deliver the financial analysis tools and expertise to enable the implementation of the University’s strategic plan

My colleagues and I hope you will explore our site and provide any comments or questions regarding any of the material presented herein. You will find contact information on our Staff Page located under the General Information section.

With best regards,
MaryFrances McCourt
Treasurer, Indiana University